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Massage therapist in Boulder, CO

Often times it is too easy to put your own self-care off while dealing with family, work, and all the complex pressures of life.  At Kat Shea Healing Arts in Boulder Colorado, you get to sort out the messes and stresses of your life, which in turn take a toll on your health and well being.  Holistic health means that each aspect of your spirit, soul, and body are all important in their interwoven roles in whatever pain or stress you are dealing with.

Come in for a session that integrates massage therapy, with other mind-body techniques that I have studied for 38 years.  By working with each layer of your body, mind, and spirit, the underlying causes of your troubles can be dealt with, whether it's an old injury, pain from a recent surgery, or an chronic life issue that's never been properly dealt with. In addressing the root causes of the pain, rather than just the pain itself, the chances for recovery and healing are much greater.


  • Therapeutic Massage Therapy -By first addressing the physical body, I can better hone in on specific areas of pain, stress, or other discomforts. I have several very effective bodywork techniques to draw on, each addressing different systems and needs in the body: Neuro Muscular or Deep Tissue Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Reflexology, Prenatal Massage, Sports Massage, etc.
  • Somatic Psychotherapy - Because your body holds your whole life history, working with stress and pain often reveal deeper causes, like trauma.  There are times when a deep spiritual issue may be causing physical and/or emotional pain, so addressing the complexity of your story can help the physical body reach greater healing than working on physical symptoms alone.
  • Classical Homeopathy - A homeopathic consultation helps me chose a customized remedy based on your concerns, as well as your unique constitution and personality. This natural remedy engages your health and vitality--helping your own system resolve the physical, emotional and mental issues, to keep evolving towards your best self.
For more information about how I can help you on your path to total healing and recovery, call Kat Shea Healing Arts today at 303-447-0474 for a free phone consultation. You will feel better after 1 session!

We are located at 2925 3rd St, Boulder, CO.

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